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Teejan Equipment gives you the Reliable, quality and safety Self-erecting tower cranes and also Teejan Equipment known for its widespread favorable business solution to their customer in the market.






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A hammerhead tower crane or cantilever crane is a fixed-jib crane first developed in Germany during the 19th century. These hammerhead cranes are built to live up to the highest standards for safety and productivity. They are versatile, operator friendly and suitable for moving all types of materials from concrete to steel.

Common throughout the world, these easily adaptable cranes can be found on construction sites needing precision placement for heavy materials handling. TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC provides trained team to provide recommendations on the right type of crane you needs.


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Flat top tower cranes or flat top cranes feature a simplified design, compact head and movable cab. They are often used in conjunction with other tower cranes or in areas with height restrictions such as airports or power plants. Without sections such as the tower head and tie bars, flat top cranes ensure you can move loads safely and easily despite obstacles or other cranes.

Low overhead clearance and quick and easy assembly, combined with the same exceptional reach and heavy lifting capability, makes this a popular crane for contractors across the globe. TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC provides trained team to provide recommendations on the right type of crane you needs.


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In dense urban areas traditional tower cranes cannot always meet the lifting requirements of busy construction sites. Luffing tower cranes or luffing jib cranes were designed to meet the needs of engineers and contractors working on high rises in confined urban environments and multiple crane job sites.

Without sacrificing the reach that you need in a tower crane, luffing tower cranes can work within confined spaces by raising or lowering their jib, effectively reducing the slewing radius. Easily adaptable to the needs of your job, TEEJAN EQUIPMENT can provide you cranes which ensure you can work as quickly as you need to in unforgiving applications.

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Types of Tower Cranes we sell

TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC strive to provide you with a comprehensive line of cranes to choose from that enables us to meet the needs of all types of applications. From tower and self erect cranes to concrete buckets and man basket crane attachments TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC is where you should be.

Tower Crane erection & service

Owing to the wide experience of this domain, TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC are instrumental in rendering Tower Erection Service to our clients.

Our highly trained technicians are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across Oman. TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC have offices in Muscat, Salalah and Duqm, it’s easy to access leading crane services and crane repairs.

It’s all part of our promise to provide fast, flexible and affordable crane sales and service.

  • Inspection services: Ask us to inspect your cranes and hoists, using load tests, geometrical measurements and condition crane inspections. We can also inspect your overhead crane safety and crane safety systems.
  • Repairs or breakdowns – Need emergency or planned repairs, or an upgrade? Trained technicians from TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC can work with your operation schedule and time constraints to fulfil your planned repair needs.
  • Crane rebuilds: Does your crane need an overhaul? Leave TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC to get the job done.

Why buy from us

TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC have over a decade of experience providing customers with quality materials handling equipment for all applications.

Complete with an extensive inventory of crane accessories, our rental fleet offers customers in all applications the tools they need to get the job done. Whether you are looking for a concrete bucket, garbage bins, man baskets or lifting forks, TEEJAN EQUIPMENT LLC can help.

Committed to the safety of our staff and our customers TEEJAN EQUIPMENT have a full team of factory trained technicians on hand to service and maintain our rental fleet. With preventative maintenance programs our technicians are able to ensure our crane rentals perform consistently and that safety issues are identified and fixed before accidents occur.

On construction sites that require long term, high capacity materials handling solutions, tower crane rentals have long been the equipment of choice. Our fleet of rental tower cranes features a wide variety of makes and models with varying hook heights, jib lengths and capacities.