ritmo plastic welding machine in oman

HDPE Welding Machine Dealer in Oman

Teejan equipment is the authorized dealer of HDPE plastic welding machines from Ritmo S.P.A in sultanate of Oman.The Products range includes butt fusion, electrofusion and extrusion equipment’s suitable for HDPE,PP,PB,PVDF. We are also providing a complete line of accessories and useful instruments for pipe cutting and weld preparation such as the band saws.

RITMO S.P.A is a world leader with 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of plastic welding equipment.
All products are designed and built according to International standards and directives (UNI, ISO, CEE). Since the very beginning, quality and technology innovation are RITMO’s milestones, and time after time, this philosophy is always more recognized by the global market.
RITMO machines are designed to produce accurate, fast, versatile, modular and easy-to-use welding machines.

Basic 200
Basic 250
plastic welding machine basic 355
Basic 355
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Range: Ø 40 to 1600 mm
The Basic/Delta series butt fusion welding machines are Self-aligning hydraulic butt fusion machine, suitable for welding under-pressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids .The machines are Built according to the International standards (UNI 10565, ISO 12176-1) and are suitable for HDPE, PP, PP-R, PVDF.
The machines are able to weld fittings like elbows, tees, Y-branches and flanges necks.
Available in the 110 V and 230 V versions.

Range: Ø 40 to 630 mm
The easy life series will carryout the welding process in a semi-automatic way with the use of a semi automatic gear case.The electronic system guarantees the continuous repeat of the welding cycles and automatic control of the preset parameters, therefore the operator needs only to validate the welding phases. The user-friendly graphic display allows a quick setting of the desired parameters.

The EASY LIFE system can store welding cycles and sum them up into a PDF file. This report can be transferred to a PC/laptop through a USB port. EASY LIFE series are able to weld fittings such as elbows, tees, Y-branches and flange necks.

Range: Ø 75 to 1000 mm
Trailer-mounted machine body, easily removable from the trolley in order to perform also into the ditch, adapting to the
conditions of the job site. It comes with the fast-locking adapters system SMARTLocK RITMO Patented, thanks to which is possible to change adapters in few seconds.

Range: Ø 75 to 315 mm
Butt fusion welding can be managed automatically by using the DELTA DRAGON CNC system; this would eliminate any risk of error due to the operator.
It is available in two versions: SA with manual extraction of heating plate, FA with integrated mechanical extraction of heating plate.
The CNC system is available for the Delta Dragon 250 B and 315 B models.

Range: Ø 125 to 355 mm
COMPACT 355 is a worksite machine for pre-insulated pipes in PE, HDPE, PP, from OD 125 to 355 mm.
Its small dimensions allow it to operate easily inside a dig, plus:
– the machine has a 2-clamp machine body, to lock the outer coating of the pre-insulated pipe
– its heating plate features the well known Digital Dragon high precision thermoregulator
– the electrohydraulic gear case comes inside a protective box
– the milling cutter has a safety micro switch

RANGE:Ø 20 to 1000 mm
The Elektra series are universal electrofusion machine, suitable for welding pipe/fittings for the transport of gas, water and for welding fire sprinkler system (HDPE, PP, PP-R couplings from 8 to 48 V). The Elektra series from Ritmo is made in compliance with international standards. This is welding machine’s structure is light weight, so it is extremely easy to carry around.

RANGE:Ø 32 to 315 mm
This electrofusion machine is suitable for welding electrofusion fittings in HDPE for low pressure conduits .These machines made in compliance with the current safety standards and Directives, and the structure is light weight which makes it extremely easy to carry around.