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Teejan equipment offers a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions to keep your Power tools running smoothly for years to come.

Teejan Equipment provides the service and maintenance of your power tools quickly and reliably by our experts.
The service for Hikoki/Hitachi Power Tools guarantees your complete satisfaction.


Teejan Equipment provides a comprehensive Hikoki(Hitachi) manufacturer’s warranty for your power tool.


Fast and reliable.
Teejan Equipment’s Service Centre will provide you with assistance quickly and reliably. Our service specialists are on hand with a wealth of expertise and will conduct a full inspection before proposing the most cost-effective maintenance solution with optimal spare parts – so that you can carry on working as soon as possible.
After every repair, we check the safety of your tool.


Contact Teejan Equipment full range of user manuals for Hikoki power tools. To find the right user manual, simply provide the part number of your tool (located on the nameplate)


Only genuine Hikoki spare parts are used during maintenance operations to extend the operational life of Hikoki power tools,
and maximize performance.
1. Armature
2. Stator
3. Carbon Brush
4. Bearings
5. Pinion Set
6. Brush Holder
7. Piston
8. Switches
9. Cylinder
10. Clutch
11. Switches
12. O ring Set
13. Switch Lever
14. Slide Switch
15. Slide Switch Lever
16. Packing Gland
17. Change Lever
18. Return Spring
19. Cord
20. Spindle And Gear Set
21. Connector
22. Handle Assy
23. Stopper Ring
24. Lock Pin
25. Tapping Screw
26. Seal Lock
27. Crank Cover
28. Thrust Washer
29. Base Rubber
30. Dust Seal
31. Drill Chuck
32. Washer
33. Front Cap
34. Pushing Button
35. Retaining Ring
36. Belt
37. Washer
38. Safety Cover
39. Bolt
40. Cutter Guard
41. Fan Guide
42. Bearing Cover
43. Front Cap
44. Sleeve
45. Guide Spring