printing machine for prinitng expiry date on products

Valve Jet Printers – DOD

VALVE JET PRINTERS – DOD – 4000 Series DOD Printers

Model: 4500 & 4700

DOD valvejet technology well-known for its simplicity and flexibility,allows easy integration onto all manufacturing lines. The printer, with its new generation ‘Ink Efficient Printhead’, offers lower ink consumption. Choice of black and color inks for both porous and non-porous substrates: cardboard, coated cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, PVC, wood, concrete.

Key Features

• Constant, excellent print quality at up to 20mm marking distance.
• Print speeds up to 90 m/min and heights from 8mm to 64mm
• CoLOS® software solutions Management and Enterprise database • Identify boxes with codes up to 45mm high. Delivering more than 39,000 coded cartons with just one 1L ink bottle • Clean plug and play consumable changeover in less than 30 seconds & ideal for seasonal use due to easy re-start. .