Wood Working Dealer in Oman

Teejan Equipment LLC brings you the wood and metal working machines into the Oman market which can be used from hobbyists to big woodworking industries due to the wide range of solutions offered. Most of these machines may be used on solid timber and on composite products as Corian.

Our salesmen and technicians coordinate their activities through a consolidated system of branch offices present throughout Oman with the most widespread distribution network in the market.

We are providing all types of Wood Working machines such as Auto Feeder, CNC Router, Dust Collector, Edge Bender, Panel Saw and many you can see some of them are displaying below. We added up metal working machinery also in the recent time. For any of your query you can contact us via email, phone and fax also you can visit our any of our nearest branch in Oman. We are here to fulfill your requirement.

Wood Working & Carpentry Machinery

Specializes in designing and manufacturing woodworking machines and services for joineries and customized production shops working with melamine panels, solid wood, and other plastic materials. All machines are configured to offer the best technological innovations, high performance, and reliability. Easy to install and easy to use, One of the biggest European manufacturers and its products are distributed all over the world since 65 years. Machines are Made in Italy. For more details, please contact us.

Sliding Table Saws Moulder Surface Planers
Thickness Planers Combined Planer-thicknesser Universal Combination Machines
Saw/Shaper Combination Machines Edge Banders Boring Machines
Woodturning lathe Dust Extractors Throughfeed Moulder
Multi Blades Tenoning Machines Sanders
Feeders Vertical Routers Radial Saws
Cut Off Saw Clamp Horizontal Mortiser
Band Saws CNC Beam Saw
Presses & Pressing Lines Clamping & Assembling Solutions Finishing Solutions(Spray, Roller Coaters, UV)
Key-turn Joineries Projects System for Doors & Windows  

Water Jet Cutting Machines in Oman

Teejan Equipment represents world leading company, specialized in the production of multi-axis machining centers with numerical control, thermoforming machines and water-jet  cutting system. This was the first producer of a stone work center in the 1980s. The brand has contributed significantly to many industrial successes, fully reflecting the mission: to create cutting-edge solutions, aimed at all production sectors. Machines have always provided unique solutions for any requirement related to the world of building, architecture and interior / exterior decoration, wherever the laying of stone and marble artefacts is required. Stone Technology is the exclusive and specialized brand for stone and marble processing of the SCM Group. All SCM machines are Made in Italy.

As we know even there is broad range in this wood working machine so here we are supplying OMEC SRL- Dovetail Machine.

Omec dovetail machinery for joint production in wood drawers and boxes. Dovetail manufacturing and assembly machines since 1964 for woodworking industry making dovetailers, gluers, hot brand stamping and clamps. CNC and touchscreen controls keeps Omec dovetail machines above the rest. The Omec line’s products are utilized in kitchen cabinetry, furniture, crating, boxes, beehives, window and doors.

About Omec Srl :  Leader in its range of the wood working machine range . Generally supply the machine for Milling and Dovetail  purpose. Very much help full for the artistic boxes, doors, door frame and windows manufacturing purpose. Now the doing the solid wood work in Oman is easy as we are doing it here both sales and service of the OMEC SRL machine. Models like F9TS,SP 400 are easily available.

Teejan Equipment brings you machines and solutions for the cutting and working of aluminium & PVC profiles. 

  • High technical solutions applied to the market of windows and doors manufacturing.
  • leading manufacturer of aluminum working machinery & most popular machine in furniture
  • deliver an outstanding and exhaustive range of high end technological products 
  • Products like AL automatic working cutting lines, AL thermal break lines, CNC machining center, double and single head sawing machines and traditional machines.

Teejan Equipment LLC brings you the tooling range  into Oman market which can be used from hobbyists to big woodworking industries due to the wide range of solutions offered. Each tool is depend on the raw material example ( Solid Wood, Melamine, Boards, Aluminum and UPVC). As we know even there is broad range in tooling segment so completing our range in it here we are supplying Freud Tools From Italy .

About Freud:  We all know about our business size. Either it is customized furniture manufacturing segment or it may be a high production segment. One thing is very much common. So with a good machine it need a precise tools, cutter and milling tools. So here with Freud we are doing the same to supply you the perfect tooling solution for your machine.

Our Products:

  1. Saw Blades
  2. Router Bits
  3. Drilling & Boring
  4. Cutter heads
  5. Knives & Inserts

Teejan Equipment LLC brings you the paint booth system , dust extraction , filtering unit mainly for the woodworking machines into Oman market which can be used from hobbyists to big woodworking industries due to the wide range of solutions offered. Most of these machines are used in painting, dust collecting, customized dust extraction system, customized paint booth system and Biomass system. Teejan Equipment delivers you fully-engineered dust collection and environmental control solutions.

We deal in high quality wood waste dust collection systems, enclosures for dust control and painting applications, and biomass energy solutions.  We approach each project as an opportunity to provide a custom-tailored solution to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Our goal is to provide a cleaner, healthier workspace while minimizing the impact on the environment through energy savings and excellent pollution control.