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Teejan Equipment offers a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come.

Teejan Equipments is a renowned provider of cleaning machines and equipment, committed to delivering not just high-quality products but also exceptional after-sales support.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: We understand the importance of regular maintenance and prompt repairs for the longevity and optimal performance of cleaning machines. we are providing maintenance services, including scheduled inspections, cleaning machine tune-ups, and preventive maintenance programs. We have expert technicians trained to diagnose and fix the problems.
  • Technical Assistance: Teejan Equipments recognizes that customers may have questions or require technical guidance regarding the operation or maintenance of cleaning machines. we provide access to our knowledgeable support team, who can offer expert advice and troubleshooting assistance. Customers can reach any time through the contact information provided to get fast and reliable technical support.
  • Training and Education: Effective utilization of cleaning machines requires proper training and understanding of their features and functionalities. Teejan Equipments offers training programs and resources to ensure customers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to operate their cleaning machines efficiently and safely.
  • Maintenance Service Agreements: We provide service agreements tailored to your specific needs. These agreements outline the scope of service, response times, maintenance schedules, and costs. By entering into a service agreement with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cleaning machine will receive regular maintenance and prompt support whenever required.
  • Breakdown Support: In the event of a breakdown, we provide reliable support to get your cleaning machine up and running as quickly as possible. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to diagnose and repair a wide range of issues. The goal is to minimize downtime and ensure your operations continue smoothly.
  • Spare Parts and Accessories: To ensure the uninterrupted operations of our cleaning machines, we have a comprehensive collection of genuine spare parts and accessories. This makes it convenient for customers to purchase the necessary components and accessories to keep their cleaning machines running smoothly.