Road Sweeper for sale in Oman

road sweeper product range teejan equipment from isal
best sweeper for rent in muscat
Push Behind Sweeper Manual (SM-70)
Powered Walk Behind Sweeper
Ride on Sweeper
Ride On Sweeper for Large Areas

Teejan Equipment is the authorized dealer for Best Road Sweepers in Oman from world-renowned ISAL Italy. Teejan Equipment offers a wide range of sweepers to collect the dust and debris from the roads and walkways without polluting the environment. The range includes Walk Behind Sweepers for small areas and Ride-on Sweepers for medium to large areas.

Manual Push Behind Sweepers, Walk Behind Engine Operated Sweepers, Ride-on Sweepers, Sweeper with Cabin, Compact Sweepers, Truck Mounted Sweepers, Towing Sweepers.