Special Cleaning Equipment for sale in Oman

Our custom made and special cleaning equipment product lines serve you to get customized solutions for your requirements with full aftermarket support. We have the right expertise in identifying the machinery and equipment suitable for the given scope of work. Technical support and service are handled by our skillful team of Sales & service engineers. We strive to continue our focus on a relationship-oriented business that builds trust and loyalty and that also encourages referrals. By building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied clients, we simultaneously build a defense against our competition. Teejan Equipment is not just a dealership, we are a full solutions provider offering everything your facility needs from financing options to service, repair, training, and management programs, as well as, a full warehouse catalog to create the most productive work environment.

Sibilia sand sucker for vacuuming sand from oil and gas site
Industrial vacuum solutions
Compact Road Sweeper
Macro M60 street sweeper in oman
Industrial Sweepers
best road cleaning machine in oman
Truck Mounted Sweepers
Airport Runway Sweepers
road leaf collector in oman
MULTIHOG Multipurpose Sweeper
beach cleaning machine for sale
Beach Cleaning Machine
high pressure cleaning system near me
High Pressure Cleaning System
Dust Spray Cannon
Vehicle Washing System in Oman
Vehicle Washing System