the best pipe facing machine and power pack for sale

Pipe Facing Machine with Power Units

Pipe Facing Machine with Power units

The Pipe Facing Machine is a powerful and versatile machine that can be used to resurface pipes in a variety of industries. It is easy to operate and maintain, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for pipe resurfacing.

Key Features

  • Help perfect and clean bevel for pipe welding to maximize quality and minimize NDT repairs.
  • Help reduce manual bevelling time and save manpower up to 80%.
  • Counter bore to facilitate pipe wall thickness changes (Boring tool is optional).
  • Used to power the pipe facing machine.
  • Contains Diesel engine, Reservoir, Main pump, Feed pump, PRV, Gauges, Filter and Hoses.
  • Provided with QRC for quick disconnect and connect.
  • Comes with various options as required.

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