best solar water heaters in oman

Solar Water Heaters


RUUD SOLAR THERMOSYPHON Water Heaters with Natural Circulation Systems are designed with an extremely durable storage tank and are available in 120 to 300-Litre storage capacities models Solar Water Heaters. These are used for Energy Saving purposes – Houses, Residential Villas, Commercial Buildings, Industries, Factories etc. The features include Collectors with special Tempered Glass (4mm thick), Ultra-Sonic Welded Collector, Anodized aluminum profile external frame, 35 mm Rockwool Insulation at back, 20 mm Rockwool Insulation at side, Solar tempered glass cover. Its has double direct glass enameling interior baked at 850°C. Exterior casing made from anodized aluminum, which is extremely durable to ultra-violet rays, in humid climates, and in coastal areas. Maximum tank working pressure of 150 PSI (10 BARS). RUUD SOLAR THERMOSYPHON Water Heater Series has ranges – 120 Litres, 160 Litres & 200 Litres with Single Collector Plate and 200 Litres & 300 Litres with Double Collector Plate.