sti steam cleaning machines in oman from italy

Steam Cleaner in Oman

Domestic Steam Vacuum Cleaner
Industrial Steam Cleaner- Non Vacuum
Industrial Steam cleaner with Vacuum

Teejan Equipment is the authorized dealer for steam cleaners in Oman from STI-Italy. We offer wide range of steam cleaners in Oman, suitable for all applications. A robust and versatile group of industrial Steam machines, some with the addition of vacuum to assist in the removal of residue. Steam cleaners are eco friendly as they reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants, and also use little water. Steam penetrates into the surface and, because it is delivered at pressure, destroys the hidden bacteria & virus to sanitize the surface, as well removing visible grime and grease.

Teejan Equipment provides complete service for steam cleaners along with consumables, spare parts and AMC for bigger capacity machines.