Imer construction equipment in oman

Saws Dealer in Oman

Teejan Equipment offers various kinds of saws in Oman. Our range of saws include Tile Saw, Block Saw, Wood Saw, Floor Saw.
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Tile Saw dealer in Oman

Water-cooled tile saws  with different Blade diameters  Ø 200, 250, 300, 350  mm. It is the small portable table saw with lots of power for cutting for tiles, marble, granite, porcelain tiles, small bricks.  Lightweight, compact and handy to use. It is designed both for building sites and for the installer..

Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor with thermal protection and minimum voltage coil / IP 55 switch / IP 67 plug / Cutting guide /  Protractor with large support surface / Anodised extruded aluminum cutting surface / Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water. The tilting cutting head allows for high speed in performing special cuts (45° bevel cut without optional cutting accessories).

Block Saw dealer in Oman

Water-cooled saw for large-sized slabs. Blade Ø 750, 600, 500 & 400 mm. For cutting large materials like structural stone blocks, cement blocks and stone facing. For cutting large materials like structural stone blocks, cement blocks and stone facing. The cutting height is adjustable from 0 to 300 mm. The sturdy structure and the powerful motor of the Masonry 750 Plus ensure excellent efficiency. The single-phase version is a particularly efficient and versatile machine, for working also in places where there is no 400V/50Hz three-phase power supply. The carriage is stable and not subject to deformation thanks to the fixing in the sliding rail with a 6 mm thick steel profile. The 46 cm wide carriage handle allows greater operator’s comfort. The two sturdy rear wheels 370×60 mm make the machine more manageable in the movements.

Wood Saw dealer in Oman

Wood saws. Blade size  Ø 315 mm. Suited to many applications and needs of wood carpentry cutting at the construction site.

Three-phase 400V/50Hz (3 kW) or single-phase 230V/50Hz (2.5 kW) electric motor /IP55 switch / / IP 67 plug /Emergency push button / teel blade with Widia plates . 315 mm x 3.2 Z= 28 teeth with limiting device / Protractor /  Piece pusher/ Additional snap-mounted rear table /Hooking points for hoisting /Split pin for locking the blade shaft /Mobile transparent poly carbonate blade guard

Floor Saw dealer in Oman

For cutting large concrete & asphalt surfaces, groove cutting, reinforce concrete cutting, slab cutting etc

Yanmar L100N Diesel engine, 7.4 Kw /Removable water tank 30 l / Water connection/ Adjustable handle bar with integrated vibration damping system /Cutting depth adjustment system /Removable blade guard for cleaning and maintenance / Cutting blade Ø 500 mm asphalt