sibilia dealer in oman

Cetralized Vacuum Machine Dealer in Oman

Teejan Equip is offering specialized &worlds leading industrial vacuums in Oman from Sibilia, Italy. Sibilia is the leading Manufacturer of specialized Industrial Vacuum systems. Custom build machines to suits the requirement of the customers to clean the production area, recovery the product spillage.

Application Centralized Vacuum Machines:
A Mobile pre-separator is suitable for the collection of solid, granular, or dusty material.
Vacuum cleaning system to clean the conveyor belts, the elevators, the production lines, the packaging area, the dispatching area.
Vacuum cleaning system to clean the production area, the loading cranes, the furnaces, the filters.
Easy transfer and loading of the chemical solid components.
Vacuum cleaning system in the Mining Industry to remove dust from the surface of the plant.