Vehicle Washing System Dealer in Oman

Teejan Equipment LLC is the leader for the world-renowned vehicle washing system from Ceccato- Italy. Our range of sales and services includes all vehicles. Ranging from cars to trucks. Ceccato range of products is present all over the world where it has installed conveyor tunnels, self-service systems, etc. Teejan offers customers full support, from the project to the system definition, from installation to after-sales support of carwash systems, with the highest standards of quality and excellent turnaround times.

From our After-Sales Department customers can count on constant and capillary assistance and on always reactive support that makes Teejan absolutely more than a simple industrial trader. Read more about Ceccato:

Our wide range of washing systems includes – Car wash, Truck wash, a Tunnel system, Vehicle washing, Touchless car wash, Rollover units, Self car wash, Hand car wash, Automatic car wash, Car wash, Self-wash car wash, Chassis wash, Gantry wash, Drive through car wash, Car wash cabins, Simple car wash, Van wash, Bus wash, Foam car wash.