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Battery Operated Pallet Truck

Teejan Equipment is the authorized dealer of the Battery Operated Pallet truck from Noblelift in Oman. Teejan Equipment keeps of stock of good quality Battery Operated Pallet Jacks and its spare parts. Teejan also provides electrical machines’ service to its clients in Oman. Teejan Equipment has a strong service team to cater to any kind of after-sales service requirements to satisfy customers in Oman.

Noblelift Equipment is the leading manufacturer of material handling equipment for more than 25 years. Noblelift the biggest manufacturer of hand pallet trucks globally with 1 million hand pallet trucks produced every year. Noblelift product portfolio includes a complete range of material handling equipment from hand pallet trucks to manual stackers, electrical pallet trucks and stackers, Electric forklifts, Scissor Lift, Aerial Working Platforms and so on.

Noblelift pallet stackers are ideal for horizontal movement, stacking, loading/unloading and order picking. These compact pallet stackers are rugged and powerful, built with American and European OEM components. The stacker range includes manual stackers, semi-electric stackers, fully automatic stackers. These are available in pedestrian, platform, stand-in and ride on seated versions.

Noblelift North America, Noblelift Russia, Noblelift Europe, and Noblelift Malaysia are group companies of Noblelift

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