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DragFlow Water Pumps in Oman

DRAGFLOW was founded in the 1980s in Italy, as a manufacturer of heavy-duty submersible agitator pumps specifically designed for handling slurries with a high content of abrasive solids. DRAGFLOW is globally known for being one of the best in agitator pumps and dredging systems producers who are more committed to technological innovation & one of the leading premium providers of submersible pumps and systems for Industrial, Sea Ports, Construction sites, Mining & Dredging Sectors. Following are some of the Products from the Dragflow range.

  1. Submersible Heavy-Duty Agitator Pumps – Electric
  2. Submersible Super Duty & High Head Agitator Pumps – Electric
  3. Submersible High Head Heavy-Duty Agitator Pumps – Electric
  4. Submersible Hydraulic Dredge Pumps