Steel Rebar Bending & Cutting Machine

Teejan Equipment range of products include Steel Rebar Bending Machines, steel Rebar cutting machines, Steel Rebar Combined machines, Steel Rebar Portable Cut & Bend Machines, Factory Shearline Cutting Machine & Robo – Bender Machines, Straitening Machine, Stirrup Bender, Spiral Bender, Mesh Bender.

Our diverse customer base is made up of large construction companies, big industrial corporations government bodies responsible for the development of infrastructures, cement plants, oil companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises operating in the civil and industrial construction field With wide range of products, experienced staff, well equipped production facilities, GocMakSan (GMS) is the leading brand in the industry. GMS, constantly improving its technology by means of financial strength and R&D investments.

Our Products:

  • Re-bar bending machine
  • Re-bar cutting machine
  • Portable bending machines
  • Stirrup bending machines
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Bar Bender
Rebar Cutter